34. Patience

You’ve asked me to be patient and in the silence you have created I can finally hear the truth Life is not black and white deceived are the ones who think everything can be categorized Life is what we make of it is what we choose with it and yet some things we simply cannot choose There’s only so much we can control I am scared but I am not regretful I created a domino effect and opening my heart allowed you to open yours so it was not in vain I am grateful but there is only so much … Continue reading 34. Patience

33. Connection

I wish you could see the world through my eyes how even the smallest of things reach large proportions strike a more complex chord in my heart (but that chord sounds so beautiful to my ears) I observe more than I talk more than I write and there’s something beautiful about falling slighly behind and including those I love in my sight they are also part of the picture and it only makes sense to include them in that mental photograph I will later call upon when I am sad Most people seek happiness I seek connection cause to me … Continue reading 33. Connection

32. Success/Failure

The topic of today’s blog post might seem unlikely. You might wonder, why would she bring together two terms that are so further apart instead of exploring them individually? But in fact, I think success and failure are closer to each other than you might think. The Merriem-Webster dictionary describes success and failure in the following way:   Success: degree or measure of succeeding; one that succeeds. Failure: lack of success; one that has failed. Society is used to giving these two terms perhaps way too much emphasis and connotation. Success is seen to the eyes of society as the ultimate … Continue reading 32. Success/Failure

31. Self-discovery

“The compassionate gaze of the wounded soul is more beautiful than the naive smile of the inexperienced youth.” – Haemin Sunim  Oftentimes I find myself looking back at my old self. I think this exercise can be pretty reflective and more often than not it can be a nice way to understand the growth you’ve been carrying. Be it for the best or for the worst, the truth is that you are not the same person you were yesterday. However, I have found that the last time I looked at a photo of myself as a baby my immediate reaction … Continue reading 31. Self-discovery

30. Resolutions

Last year, as you may know, it was really hard for me to face the prospect of a new year, so the idea of creating resolutions alone was definitely out of the question. Fast forward to a year later and the idea of a new year and the possiblity of adding a few changes or fresh perspectives into my life couldn’t have felt any better. For that reason I have been giving it some thought and I think I have finally decided on what I want my main focus points going into 2019 to be. You can also call them … Continue reading 30. Resolutions

29. The Lego Theory

I love words and I consider that to be my own universal truth. Even though I am built and rebuilt every single moment, I highly doubt that that part of me will ever change. I know, words aren’t always necessary, sometimes words are used with the sole purpose of hurting and while none of those contribute to my thesis I believe that language is still the most powerful tool we own. I think too much, and my thoughts race in my head day after day, too fast for me to even grasp the majority of them. But I also listen … Continue reading 29. The Lego Theory

28. Moving Out

Despite the fact that I’ve carried this need to write something about what I am going through for at least 3 weeks, every time I actually sit down to write nothing has been coming out in a coherent way. I just blurt out words and get lost in my own reasoning. But that’s what quiet mornings are for. I have to go to work in approximately two hours but for now, it’s still pretty dark outside and so, from my cozy bed on a monday morning, I’ll try once again to bring my thoughts into paper. I have moved out. … Continue reading 28. Moving Out